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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Testing the Water

With a flood watch in the forecast my daughter and I drove through a torrential downpour to visit Greensboro Elementary School. The first group of third graders were told to sit criss cross apple sauce and scoot toward the guest, while Cheyenne and I took our coats off and situated ourselves in those tiny wooden chairs. With no script in hand just experience I introduced myself and toned my life down to a G rating. I asked for a show of hands expressing the loss of a loved one, 95% responded. Happy I didn't have to sugar coat the subject of my book I began to read and show the illustrations. With eyes as wide as saucers taking in Jerry Craft's 3-D artistry and ears opening pathways to the heart, "Looking to the Clouds for Daddy" invited dialog. My book is built around my children coping with the death of their father, but the subject of Loss is the Universal picture. Divorce, Separation, Incarceration, Single parenting, Grand parenting, Foster parenting, are Adult Verbs representing cause and effect. In an hour and a half I spoke with 200 children ages 9-11 about internalizing feelings, proper nutrition, playing outside, communicating to adults about physical pain, things we adults neglect, when we get involved in the business of living.
Donna Jones Media Specialist thank you for inviting me to your wonderful school.

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  1. Margo, it is a great and wonderful thing you are doing. It's for your children, yourself, and all the kids out there who have lost a loved one and who may experience that tragedy in their life in the future. As you say, divorce, parents separating, etc. also qualify to tear a child's world apart and may often lead to a difficult path to adulthood when the children in these situations don't realize that it is not their fault and are allowed to go on loving the missed parent. Great job, great book....great mother and person. I.m glad to have you as a friend. The best to you and your family.