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Friday, June 19, 2009

Juiced & Not Tipsy

In an effort to readjust my thinking about food and companionship, I've committed the next 12 weeks to healthier thoughts, healthier friendships and wiser food choices. I've been sucking on the porkchop pacifier to long and my teeth are bucking, along with some other parts of me. At week 5 of the rest of my life, I'm feeling better, breathing easier and at ease with "ME". The American Heart Association needs the support of all women to eradicate the #1 killer of mothers, sisters, aunts , and nieces, HEART DISEASE! Through awareness, and prevention, we can beat it. So along with adjusting my attitude, I'm eating food straight from my garden, some I'm cooking and others I'm juicing. I've been inspired by friends and family to get moving, one foot at a time. Learned behavior is a tough habit to break, but I'm NOT gonna be broken!