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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Month of MADNESS

October came in with a gust, donning wings equipped for the ride. I graciously accepted an invitation to sit amongst a group of exceptional childrens book authors and illustrators. Side eyeing everyones prized accomplishments I eagerly anticipated the chance to brag without exuding arrogance. So pleased with my latest achievement, its illustrations, its purpose, its meaning, I thought to myself, Just how comfortable am I wearing the Authors Chapeau? I've been Margo Candelario Folk Artist & Poet, labeled by those who do the Labeling. Reconnecting with friends who are load bearing walls of support helped me to realize that I have the means, ability and talent to write my own labels in Sharpie. I've wasted enough time dimming my light like a dying ember. I am a force to reckon with. Talented enough to be called a Fine Artist, International Poet, Author of whatever I choose, Friend, Daughter, Mother, Business Owner, Farmer, Animal Owner, Landscaper, yes I cut the grass too. Borders Bookstore in Athens, thank you for hosting a powerhouse panel of accomplished authors. I recommend you pick up the recent release by Donny Bailey Seagraves Gone from these Woods. Elizabeth O. Dulemba's Soap, soap, Soap ~ Jabon, jabon, jabon. Gene Fehler's YA Free verse novel Beanball. Robyn Hood Black's nonfiction interactive book Wolves. Donna Bowman's Did Dinosaurs Eat People.