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Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Book Release


In my last blog I talked about the upcoming art reception at the University of Connecticut, but today I'm excited about the February 2009 release of my children's book entitled, "Looking to the Clouds for Daddy." My friend of 28 years Author/Illustrator Jerry Craft, has put pen to paper, brilliantly breathing life through illustration, into the characters who remarkably resemble my children:) I wrote the book 11 years ago, shopped a few publishers, and received several rejections. Put the book down and shelved the project for my visual art and thicker skin. The book resurfaced last year, minus the illustrations. Jerry agreed to work on the project and here we are, a finished work of art. It is my dream to help children of all ages cope with the loss of a parent through the lives of my children. As a family we have weathered the storm! The girls have worked hard as a unit to overcome many "isms" Single family-ism, Medicaid-ism, Free school lunch-ism,and all the other Isms incurred through death. The book initiates dialog about pleasant memories and events through actual family photographs. If you happen to know a child who is suffering through the loss of a parent please share the book with them. Its available through Karen Hunter Media.


  1. Margo
    It's good to see that you have a nice blog to follow your new shows progress. Great book nicely written and illustrated. Best wishes on your show in February. Pete

  2. Margo,

    I love the cover and story idea. Would like to feature you on my blog. Send me an email and we can discuss - sormag@yahoo.com