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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gallery Receptions

The 3rd Eye finally opens, February 7, 2009 at the University of Connecticut Art Gallery. Long awaited, full of anticipation, growing pains and DRAMA! The Artist Reception is on the 12th, a Thursday evening after work, when eyes are worn from staring at monotonous computer screens. Receptions can be tricky events, filled with family, supporting friends, critics, collectors, bargain hunters, lookie-loos, lovers and HATERS of art. That's why I'm bringing an arsenal with me, my children. Soldiers born into the world of "Art Shows" they know the savvy language, accompanied by, the gallery stroll, and "the couple huddle"which can make or break a sale. A smile and gentle tug on the left sleeve, is code for, admirer in the green dress has found something that moves her into submission! I've also learned over the years to keep a fluid pace, because the minute you break stride the ears inadvertently pick up background noises that aren't always symphonic. For some artist, creating is having a conversation with self. Every now and then its nice to invite others to the think tank, it makes for great subject matter.

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